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Mespotine-RLE-basic – Data Compression

After one long year, I have finally finished my paper of a rework of the Run Length Encoding Data Compression Algorithm:
Mespotine-RLE-basic, which is the first RLE-algorithm, that produces no useless overhead in the encoding itself anymore. The only overhead produced is a header of only 32 bytes(!).
That means: no more RLE-encoded-data twice the size of the original, as Mespotine-RLE-basic only compresses the run-values, that are compressible in the first place.
So that means: either MeRLE compresses, or it’s just, as I said, 32 Bytes bigger.

You can find the paper at:
or at or at

This is a version 0.9 prerelease and I’m open for your questions, suggestions, comments, bugreports that I can correct in version 1.0, so don’t hesitate, if you have something to comment 🙂

It is licensed under a creative commons license 3.0 cc-by-sa/de , means, you can alter and use it, even for commercial purposes, as long as you include my name and release your alterations under a similar license.

Consider it as a gift to the data-compression community, that has teached me a lot about data-compression, especially the newsgroup comp.compression 🙂

Cheers and have fun with it 🙂